738 Washington Avenue
​Huntington, WV
Call Bobby B. at 3042080215
When a person decides to get clean and sober life can be overwhelming. The Advocate House provides a drug and alcohol free living home for people where they can learn about recovery and life from other people who have walked their path. The Advocate House promotes and supports people in getting their GED if needed and full time employment. The Advocate House can assist people in getting any clinical assistance needed. We work a program based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous' Big Book. We learn as people in recovery how to enjoy life, have peace of mind, and become a productive member of society.
738 & 740 Washington Avenue, Huntington, WV, United States
3042080215 • advocatehouse@yahoo.com

A recovery house that assists you in getting control of your alcohol & drug addiction.

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Advocate House is a recovery house.

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